The start of a new year can usually signal the beginning of a full-scale clear out of your home. But before you begin throwing away those old piece of furniture and other bits and pieces lying around your house, why not try a bit of upcycling? We've put together 6 of our favourite projects to get you feeling a little more creative...

Upcycled Rocking Chair For Your Bathroom

Rocking chairs are one of those ubiquitous pieces of furniture that, once worn out, should always be kept for upcycling projects. If you happen to have one lying around and taking up valuable space in your home, why not transform it into a bathroom storage unit? Simply take off the front of the chair so you're only left with the back, comprised of the long leg structure. Customise with a shelf, hooks and other details, attaching it to your bathroom wall. It will make an attractive towel rack and ornament holder - looking particularly elegant when finished off in WHITE CLIFF Autentico Velvet Paint, here.

Fairy Light Bottle Lamp

Your soft drinks bottles are simply made for this kind of project. Wash out a 2 litre fizzy drinks bottle and cut the top quarter off the top, carefully filling and arranging with battery powered fairy lights. For a finishing touch, wrap the bottle in a single layer of paper, adding another layer of paper over the top that's been customised with patterns and designs to really make it your own.

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table

Those large, weathered vintage suitcases are a bulky thing to have cluttering up your home... but if you've got one lying around in your attic or under the stairs, you could have almost everything you need to create the perfect upcycled coffee table. Attach some hairpin table legs to the underside of your suitcase and you'll have a brilliant looking piece of furniture that you can store all your favourite coffee table books in...

Cable Spool Storage Stool

Wooden cable spools can be transformed into something beautiful and practical in the blink of an eye. Reinforce the wooden dividers around the circular inner shape and fill with the biggest books you've got around your home. Get hold of some gorgeous fabric, attaching it to the top of the upturned stool with an array of decorative studs around the edge. Fill with mircofibre stuffing before finishing it off with your final few studs and you've got your very own storage stool!

Bean Tin Cutlery Holder

Bean tins are incredibly useful and after you've used their contents for cooking you can use the tins for cutlery storage. All you need is six baked bean tins or similar, attaching them to a centre block of wood. Begin by painting the tins and the centre block in our ANTIQUE TURQUOISE Autentico Superior Eggshell Paint then screw the tins securely to the centre block, get hold of a leather strap to attach to the top to finish off your portable cutlery holder!

Upturned Stool Storage

You may have removed those bulky wooden breakfast bar stools from your kitchen but they can easily be upcycled into something more on-trend with a couple of quick and easy touches. First, paint the stool in our SWEDISH BLUE Autentico Velvet Paint for a bright and bold look, place three castor wheels in a triangular formation on the flat end of the seat then flip it over and you've got the perfect storage solution for your wrapping paper!

Post By Ed Mason