They say the best way to learn is to watch, and clearly this is the approach Autentico are taking with their official YouTube channel. They’ve teamed up with Max McMurdo, a designer, upcycler, entrepreneur and TV presenter to explore their range of chalk and lime paints and waxes, showcasing how each can be used in a variety of exciting projects. As Max himself says in the introductory video, these series of tutorials…

“...are going to inspire you to get creative, design, upcycle and ultimately have a load of fun with these Autentico products!”

McMurdo’s vast knowledge of distressed furniture and creative flair makes him the appropriate teacher for using Autentico’s interior/exterior paints and other sundries. The “Max Meets Autentico” series covers a broad range of decorating topics; including those that get overlooked by other design YouTube channels.

Take for instance the video “Testing the Concrete Effect on a Plastic Pot”. This 4-minute primer explains all you need to know to turn a cheap, plastic terracotta pot into an impressive looking Concrete replica. Max starts with adding the initial coat, then delves into how to use sponges, and glazes that make the paint go further and create transparency. The benefit of watching a seasoned expert like Max is you can watch how he creates a creative concrete effect, and after he’s joined by “Autentico Guru” Dan Barron, you also get a clear, technical explanation on the right ratio of paint vs. glaze to use.

When a presenter from “Fill Your House For Free” is hosting your YouTube channel, it would be a crime to not have him walk your audience through some incredible upcycling projects. The renowned eco-designer naturally has some excellent furniture hacking tutorials, including this one on how to make a swinging chair. Max goes beyond a simple shabby-chic improvement - he shows in great detail how to clean the chair using Autentico Omniclean, the benefits of using Versante Matt over vintage paint, and ultimately how to drill the holes in so you can suspend and swing on your new favourite sitting spot!

Autentico already spoils furniture designers with 150 colour choices and 16 different waxes - all made free of solvents and other harmfull additives (VOC low), all of which are environmentally friendly. By getting one of the friendliest, most engaging faces in the British design community to guide you through each product is an upcycler’s dream. From highlighting key areas on your furniture to experimentation, Autentico’s YouTube guides are essential viewing for anyone familiar with their product range.

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Post By Nicole Sage