Eclectic at home is the UK's No 1 Autentico Dealer and all of our workshops feature Autentico products for a good reason. Autentico chalk and lime paints are ideal for that trendy shabby chic look that is so sought after today. Using Autentico’s crackle glaze, you can create a stunning, one-of-a-kind distressed piece of furniture or a home décor item you will be proud to own.

Paints are available in over 160 shades from warm earthy tones to vibrant eye-popping colours. These paints are eco-friendly, water-based and free of toxic solvents and harmful additives. They provide excellent coverage and are easy to apply making them the perfect choice for beginner and seasoned professional alike.

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If you have always had the urge to try your hand at refinishing a piece of furniture, Eclectic at Home’s workshops for beginners are a great place to start. These four-hour courses include hands-on instruction to guide you, step-by-step, through the learning process. It is a fun, interactive way to learn about the basics of refurbishing furniture. You will breathe life into a tired or boring piece of furniture and take home an exquisite piece unlike any other.

Autentico’s products open up a world of endless creative possibilities. Their art medium allows you to transfer printed pictures to glass, wood, and painted surfaces so you can add your personal imprint on pieces like mirrors, ornaments, headboards and homeware with ease.

Protecting your prized piece has never been easier either. Autentico offers a range of furniture waxes that are ideal for surfaces that need extra durability such as kitchen tables, chairs, work surfaces and kitchen cupboards. It enhances the surface with a warm sheen to bring out the most in your paint colour while protecting each piece for years to come.

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Creativity isn’t limited to the indoors either. Autentico’s PVC paint has both a UV filter and advanced moisture control properties making it perfectly suited to patio furniture, doors and railings. This paint is also highly suitable for the kitchen or bathroom where bacteria and moisture may loom.


If you are looking for a finished product without the work, Eclectic at Home also offers a fine line of lovingly refurbished, distressed and shabby chic furniture. These unique vintage-look pieces are a convenient solution when you want the look of an antique without the steep price.

If you are interested in a workshop or a piece of upcycled furniture, please check our website for current information. For workshop bookings please call 01752 659467 or email

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