Finishing those big interior decorating jobs and renovation projects is incredibly satisfying, but often it's the smaller things that really count when you're trying to create that perfect atmosphere. A charming and welcoming ambiance is something you can't really put your finger on, but every time you walk into a gorgeous home, you know it's there...

Our Homeware range of Wild Olive products are specially designed to set a tranquil scene in any indoor space, helping transport you away from the stresses of everyday life. So to help you out, Eclectic will guide you through the essentials you need to set that warm, enticing atmosphere in seconds.

Bath Melts

Unwinding at the end of a long day is best when accompanied by a beautifully scented bath melt. A quintessential home comfort to soak away the stress, these melts are full of intricate fragrances derived from exquisite tropical fruits and nourishing, natural ingredients. Try this wonderfully scented Mandarin & Bergamot Bath Melt - simply dissolve in your bath and enjoy.

Bath Tea Bags

A creative twist on your favourite British tea bag, these bath time accessories are made with lightly scented salts and rejuvenating essential oils that are great for the skin. Our range includes everything from strawberry cream, to lemon and green tea choices that dissolve easily in the bath and get to work instantly. The Marshmellow Rose is a wonderful option that will leave a delicate and relaxing aroma- the perfect gift for yourself or a friend!

Luxury Soap 

Cleansing and full of moisturising fragrance, these lavish soaps are great for when you're home or on the move! Each box comes with a selection of nourishing bars made from natural olive oils, palm oils and essential oils. The perfect way to help you de-stress in the shower or bath. Comes in Vintage, Floral and Travel collections.

Room Diffusers

Room Diffusers are a sensory treat for anyone visiting your home! Each fragrance is sophisticated, subtle and delicate - the ultimate scene setting solution that provides a light, refreshing aroma and compliments rather than overpowers your favourite indoor spaces. Included in Freesia & Pear, Vanilla, and much more...

Wax Burner & Melts

On trend and for good reason! Wax burners and melts provide a lovely rich smell that will make coming home a joy. From fruity fragrances to nostalgic and refreshing sea breeze scents, you can add any melt to a wax burner and create an evocative and welcoming ambiance in no time.

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Post By Ed Mason