Christmas Gift Ideas For The DIY Lover

Wednesday, 29th of November 2017

Some of the best gifts you can receive are those heartfelt, handmade treats - so why not surprise your friends and family with something extra special this Christmas?

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Christmas Crafts With Autentico Chalk Paint

Christmas Crafts With Autentico Chalk Paint

Monday, 28th of November 2016

One of the best features of Autentico’s range of chalk paint is that it is durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for festive decoration both indoors and outdoors. Offering more than just a refresh of paint, Autentico’s chalk paint will add charm,

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Festive Dinner Party Decoration Tips

Tuesday, 16th of December 2014

If you’re preparing for the family to arrive on Christmas Day, your house decoration should get the same attention as the cooking. There’s nothing quite like being welcomed into a festive home complete with decorations and fabulous tables and chairs to

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Vintage Christmas Decorations For Your Home

Tuesday, 25th of November 2014

It’s almost December again and what better way to feel festive than decorating your home with some vintage decorations? Although most of us will be rushed off our feet in the weeks leading up to Christmas, there will always be time set aside for decorating

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New Year, New Décor - Updating Your Décor

Thursday, 2nd of January 2014

With the twelfth night of Christmas (5th January) nearly upon us, we are dreading taking down our all our wonderful decorations.  The home always looks so lacklustre without them!

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