One of the best features of Autentico’s range of chalk paint is that it is durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for festive decoration both indoors and outdoors. Offering more than just a refresh of paint, Autentico’s chalk paint will add charm, visual effects and revitalise your older pieces of furniture. The festive period is all about celebrating the old and new and therefore provides a great time to breathe new life into your furniture. So to help you prepare your home décor for the Christmas season, here are our Christmas craft ideas with Autentico chalk paint!

#1. Christmas Stencils

Add a festive feel to your home by creating your own stencils using the letters from the alphabet and numbers. An Autentico stencil offers a great way of livening up your home décor for Christmas when combined with an Autentico paint colour. This will help to create a wonderfully chic piece that can be applied to any items of furniture in the home.

#2. Holiday Themed Chairs

Upcycle your furniture at the Christmas dinner table with Autentico chalk paint to make a festive theme. Perfect for use on wooden chairs to create a rustic charm, this will make your Christmas decoration stand out from the rest. Use colours such as red, white, green and gold to add a festive touch to your home furniture for everyone to enjoy using!

#3. Christmas Canvas Paintings

Spread the festive cheer around your home with some beautifully decorated canvas paintings using Autentico’s range of chalk paint. The possibilities are endless as you can hand paint your own backgrounds such as a winter wonderland, a snowman, a Christmas tree and more!

#4. Festive Drawers or Cabinet

Revitalise those old drawers or a wooden cabinet you have at home with a Christmas themed surface to prepare for the holiday season. Think of wreaths, patterns, stars, angels and anything associated with Christmas to make your furniture stand out. A splash of chalk paint will work wonders for livening up your decor and putting you in a festive mood!

#5. Christmas Ornaments

Ensure your ornaments are as bright as they can be by giving them a fresh touch of paint. Whether it’s a reindeer, Santa or snowman, your ornaments will certainly make a chic impression. Autentico’s colour range is perfect for all your home furniture, interior and exterior decorating needs and are also environmentally friendly.

Prepare for Christmas in style with these Christmas craft ideas using Autentico chalk paint. For more festive themed blogs on upcycling and furniture refurbishment, keep up to date with our Facebook page, or follow us at@Eclecticathome.





Post By Nicole Sage