With the twelfth night of Christmas (5th January) nearly upon us, we are dreading taking down our all our wonderful decorations.  The home always looks so lacklustre without them!

But with the new year- new start mentality in mind, now is an excellent time to consider updating your home décor.

If you, like us, are a bit pushed until payday with all the Christmas excesses to come off the credit card, then you'll love our top five tips to enhance and recharge your home décor as they don't need to cost the earth!

1. Textiles


To update your soft furnishings, simply look at all the beautiful textiles you can find.  With bright, printed cushions and ethnic rugs and throws, this is an inexpensive way of brightening up the home.  Lots of interesting textures also help to make your room feel warm, cosy and inviting, which is a great way to chase those January blues away.

2. Feature Wall or Alcove


You may not have the money or inclination to embark on painting your whole room just after Christmas.  So why not create a feature wall?  With bold colours now flooding into the market and stunning, patterned wallpapers appearing in every DIY shop, this is a great way to infuse a new theme into your room and make a dramatic change.

3. Style-up your old Furniture

image of Sold -Distressed Dutch Dresser


Old furniture can be made into a vintage classic to be proud of with a bit of love and care, and a lick of Autentico paint can totally change the item.  For inspiration, simply look at our Shabby Chic Furniture on our website, you can even buy it already done by our experienced professionals!

4. Add some Natural Charm


Bring nature in to your home and usher in spring with vases of flowers that are sure to brighten up any mood.  If you miss your tree, why not add a potted version?  You can even add lights or beads to it!  Silk flowers or artificial trees work just as well if you aren't the green-fingered type!

5. Let in Light to Enhance Space


Mirrors are an easy way to enhance the light in any room and help to create the illusion of more space.  They can be plain and simple mirror tiles in various shapes for clean areas like small kitchens and bathrooms, or an intricate, ornate affair to add character to a lounge.  We love to restore vintage mirrors, and have lots to choose from in our selection of Shabby Chic Mirrors.


Do you have any further tips to share with us?  How do you help beat the winter blues in your home?  Maybe you could share a picture of your new year décor with us?  We'd love to peek into your world!  Catch up with us on FacebookTwitter or our new Pinterest page!

Post By Sadie Woolcock