A door knob is one of the first things you notice about a house is the doorknob, and so unsurprisingly it's become one the defining hallmarks of all vintage homes. They can add understated glamour and a finishing charm, but there’s countless ways you can repurpose them too. This is just our little inspiring list of 10 different uses for vintage door knobs:

#1. Photo Holders

If you’ve been looking for a way to ditch the photo frames, this may be a good alternative. Rusted wire and door knobs have proven to be a popular combination, and together they can create a sturdy, makeshift method of showing off your polaroids (as well as letters, postcards etc.)

#2. Wine Stopper

With just a bit of DIY tweaking, a door knob can turn a simple bottle of wine into a grand gift. You can naturally go with any vintage door knob, but in particular we recommend using a glass cabinet knob to add a bit of glitz and glamour worthy of a candle-lit dinner.

#3. Curtain Tiebacks

Using door knobs to help keep your curtains drawn is perhaps the most subtle way to attract attention in a vintage home. Another great item for glass door knobs, it adds instant class, and hey, you probably already have a pair of doorknobs to use!

#4. Coat Hangers

This is one of the more popular uses for vintage door knobs - certainly one of the more obvious! Wooden knobs work best, particularly if they’re made for a large cabinet or are made from a species of wood that’s quite rough, such as pine.

#5. Vases

You might assume that a door knob is too petite to hold a bunch of flowers...and you’d be right. However, they’re just perfect for single flowers. Just cut to size, add a little bit of water, and use them to add the daintiest finishing touch to your vintage home.

#6. Dresser Handles

If you don’t your vintage door knobs to depart too far from their original purpose, then reassigning them to cabinet handles seems like a clever decorative move. Brass and ceramic knobs are especially quaint; being so far removed from what you’d see on any freshly made piece of furniture.

#7. Jar Tops

Mason jars are like mascot of the shabby chic home, and you can add a strong vintage flavour to their appeal by fitting a door knob to the lid. Not only will this make them easier to open, but it easily heightens the decorative quality of this vintage home classic.

#8. Wall Art

If you want to remove all function from your vintage door knobs and emphasize their aesthetic beauty, then there are countless ways to turn them into wall art. You could frame it within an old picture frame, or arrange a number of door knobs into a collage.

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Post By Nicole Sage