We love all things interior design.  There is just nothing as satisfying as making a house feel homely whilst reflecting your own personal style.  And interior design is no longer just the domain of the professionals, with interior design ideas being swapped on social media sites like wildfire for everyone to gain inspiration from, a real have a go culture is starting up.

However, like all the best laid plans, sometimes things don't turn out as you'd expect.  And, obviously, knowing what NOT to do, is every bit as helpful as seeing the perfect finished article.  With that in mind, we humbly present the 10 Greatest Interior Achievements of the internet!

10. Animal Magic

A little walk on the wild side is fine.  This is not.  Beware of safari park chic.

9. Design around Functionality

Although...not this much!

8. Consider Doors

They are a necessary evil!

7. Buy good quality wallpaper

Creative as this is, Post It notes are NOT a good substitute for wallpaper.

6. Consider your Surroundings

A tape measure is such an essential bit of kit.

5. Run ideas for creative DIY wall decoration by an impartial advisor


Ensure everything is in good taste!  Even if those socks were clean, do you really want laundry as a décor?

4. Remember that windows are important

Unless you are a vampire, it is likely that you will prefer some light.

3. Buy the correct apparatus.

Improvising rarely works.  Long term, it's probably best to get central heating!

2. Structural Integrity is of paramount importance

It is preferable for the roof to remain over your head.

1. Consider the room usage

Are you sure you want those swords over your baby's playpen??


We hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun!  And hopefully, if you were planning a wonderful dirty sock wall hanging, or maybe some loaded gun centrepieces for your child's room, we might have disuaded you.  Do you have any interior design achievements to share with us?  We'd love to see them!  Catching us on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.


Post By Sadie Woolcock