Shabby Chic accessories and decorations are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to furnish a house. The beautifully chic, almost vintage design of the items really adds to the character of a house that’s new or old. There are also different variations of shabby chic which could be cottage chic, beach cottage chic, French country or the Swedish form which is Gustavian. There really is a style to suit each individual home and owners taste. The look can be achieved by accessorising your home with distressed and re worked furniture, filling the fireplaces and walls with various shabby chic items or painting the walls with layers of bleached out or pastel colours.  Eclectic At Home are passionate about helping people to transform their homes with our range of home interior paints and furnishings, we've compiled a list of the top 10 shabby chic decorating ideas to help make life that bit easier!

#1 - Upcycled furniture

Typically, shabby chic furniture has been upcycled and at one point had layers of pastel or neutral coloured paint on the item, over time this has been rubbed off with sand paper which lets some of the base coat of the wood show through, otherwise known as distressing the furniture.  Reworked furniture is a beautiful way to add character to a house. We are always sourcing new furniture and subsequently restoring it with our Autentico paints available on our website.

#2 - Eclectic Gifts

The less is more statement really does applies when furnishing a home, sometimes the simplest items can transform a home.  Whether it’s a beautiful ornate mirror or a Do Not Disturb hanging sign!


#3 - On the wall

Hanging singular items on the wall is a great way to break up a room and draw attention to a specific area. In an all creamy/white room a beautiful sign can really add character to the room, or even an antique, vintage style clock that will fit seamlessly into the interior of any room.

#4 - Little Trove

Little trinkets are the perfect item to fill any room with personality, they also make the perfect gifts to give someone moving into a new home. Vintage hanging hearts look perfect hung up in a bedroom or a hallway in a house, and candles not only look decorative but fill the house with a beautiful welcoming scent.


#5 - Vintage Chalk Paints

You can even have a go at reworking your own old furniture with our range of Autentico’s vintage chalk paints that are easy to use and achieve excellent results on almost any surface. We have a wide range of colours to suit any shabby chic home.

#6 - Autentico Versante Outdoor Chalk Paint

Don’t let the shabby chic style of your house stop inside, you can inject it into your garden with our chalky outdoor paints that are hard wearing and resistant to all weathers. Also perfect for a project in a kitchen or bathroom where areas get particularly damp.

#7 - Wall & Floor Stencils

Once you’ve painted your home with your chosen style, add a touch of your own personality with our range of wall and floor stencils that come in a selection of beautiful designs and are easy to use! Make stand out designs with pastel colours against a cream background. They create a beautiful touch to any home surface.


#8 - Sadly Missed

Not only do we love to upcycle furniture we also have a dedicated page to pieces of furniture that have been found and passed on from caring families who no longer require the items. All items are one of a kind and unique pieces that would fit perfectly into a new home.

#9 - Metallic Chalk Paints

If you’re finishing off a small project and want to achieve a gorgeous metal look to raw wood or any other piece of furniture a coat of this paint provides a beautifully edgy look. It looks great on smaller items such as candle holders and picture frames.

#10 - Soft white colour scheme

Last of all to achieve the perfect shabby chic look you need the perfect foundations to build on. An all white colour scheme is a classic look and can be added to and reworked as you add furniture and decorative items.

Whether you’re looking to make improvements to your home or looking to transform your house into a shabby chic masterpiece, here at Eclectic At Home we can help you achieve that transformation with ease, with the wide selection of products that we offer specifically created to achieve that classic shabby chic look. Do you have a shabby chic home or have any decorating tips? Let us know on the Eclectic at Home Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+!

Post By Nicole Sage