As we transition into the warmer months, those winter comforts that have made up our living rooms and bedrooms can see a little out of place. Suddenly - as the sunshine streams the open windows - you realise that your house isn't at all prepared for the advent of Spring...

Eclectic At Home will take you through a few of our favourite tips and tricks to transform your home into a bright, airy and season-appropriate place to relax.

Swap In Some Springtime Colours 

Giving a room a fresh coat of paint is probably the most obvious place to start; those deep 'autumn leaf' inspired colours seemed like a good idea when the temperature first dropped around 6 months ago, but they'll soon seem oddly incongruous with those brighter mornings and longer evenings.

Our Whites & Neutrals selection will instantly and a light, airy and fresh feeling to any home - you can choose from a wide range of 30 colour spectrum shades, each with an invigorating feel to suit any corner of your home.

Upgrade Your Lampshades

Lamp shades are one of those features that really say a lot about the decor of a room. If you want a quick, easy and effortlessly beautiful way to add a touch of Spring to a room, think about buying plain lampshade. Great if you're on a budget and brilliant at lifting a room out of the depths of winter, plain, simple lamp will inject a room with essential colour and can tie in wonderfully with the colour palette of the overall room.

Get Some Greenery 

Following a season of bare trees and frozen landscapes, the easiest way to embrace Spring is by bringing the greenery indoors! Succulents are a great, low-maintenance choice that really epitomise the colour and vibrancy of the sunnier seasons. Tri-colour Oyster Plants are a great choice for introducing a little bit of extra colour into your home thanks to the striking purple stripe leaves. You can get experimenting with patterned foliage which is a real social media favourite or get a little bit more ambitious with a dwarf fruit tree nd you'll be creating your very own mini orchard in no time!

Add Colour From The Floorboards Up

If you think your floors are looking drab and dark, bring them to life with the perfect rug. You don't need to necessarily go expensive, all you need is something that helps elevate your hallways or living spaces into summer - whether its subtle flower prints or big bold patterns or even a large, rustic sisal rug to lie over your dark floorboards.

Post By Ed Mason