The New Year is universally seen as a chance for a fresh break, and to rejuvenate your work ethic. For those who adore interior and exterior decorating, as well as refurbishing, January offers a better chance than any to break into something new. Here’s 5 DIY projects that we think will set you on a great course for the New Year.

#1. Furniture Restoration

It’s great to build furniture from scratch, but repurposing and upscaling disused items is an undertaking that not only saves you space, it’s less wasteful.

As you can see from Eclectic’s own range of furniture, the fun in refurbishment starts with the sourcing. Going from antique auction to the next, picking the perfect chair, cabinet etc. and then figuring out the best way to restore it to its former glory - it’s a hunt you never tire of.

With Autentico’s range of chalk paints, you can turn even seriously worn furniture into the centrepiece of your room, and there’s also exceptional finishes to keep it pristine for several years to come.

#2. “Aged” Console Table

A console table can often be that missing element within a room or hallway. They’re practically perfect for decoration, as well you convenience, and building your own is relatively straightforward.

This DIY console table project is relatively cheap and straightforward, and features a unique ‘x’ brace that provides stability as well aesthetic quality.

#3. Coat Racks and Wall Hangers

If you want a minimalist and slick way to store away coats and other clothing, then a DIY rack or wall hanger lets you do so whilst respecting the overall decor of your room.

As opposed to a wardrobe, which take up space and requires a lot of time to refurbish, attaching a coat rack to your wall is as minimalist as it gets.

You could arrange a series of blocks or repurpose an old ladder - all depending how much time (and creativity) you have at hand).

#4. Pallet Shelves

Yes, it’s the obligatory pallet furniture entry. But these “floating” pallet shelves are the best way to add the rustic, washed up appearance of the wood without overdoing things in terms of time or space commitments.

All you need is one pallet (obviously), a set of standard hardware tools and some kind of finisher. We recommend the Autentico Versante matt chalk paint (in driftwood) to really bring out a natural shade on the surface.

#5. A New Bed Headboard

As we surrender more to IKEA inspired outlets, we’ve lost more and more staples of classic furniture. One of our most missed is the headboard, and while it can be time-consuming to attach one yourself, there’s lots of DIY alternatives.

This guide will show you how to turn several old doormats into a headboard by framing them, whereas this one explains how to make a headboard from an old fireplace mantel. That’s just two ways - you can basically make one out of any flat surface lying in your home! Like our Facebook page, or follow us at@Eclecticathome for our latest news.

Post By Nicole Sage