We love using Autentico paints, and we know from our little communities onFacebook,TwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest that a lot of you do too!  It's so lovely to be able to talk about our passion for design with you all, as we all well know, us creative-types are always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration.

With that in mind, we thought we'd share with you a few ways we've seen to use Autentico paints around the home...

1. Chalkboard Décor

Black Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint can be marked with chalk and rubbed off, turning areas of your painted décor into a chalkboard.  Handy for kids bedrooms or playrooms to allow their creativity to run riot, organisation (no family member will ever again have the excuse of not knowing where to put things back if all your drawers and cabinets are labelled!), and for kitchen applications such as writing shopping lists or notes.  It also allows you an element of day-to-day personalisation, when you get bored, simply write or draw something else, perfect.

2. A Splash of Colour

With so many colours available across the Autentico Paint ranges, and many available in smaller tester pots, why not utilise the whole colour spectrum to really brighten up areas of your home that aren't usually a feature?  This staircase is now a bright and happy focal point in an otherwise neutral hallway.  This also makes these paints fantastic for creating murals and bold patterns.

3. Decorate the Garden

Why stop at decorating your inside living space?  Autentico have recently brought us a range of Outdoor paints, allowing the colours and design elements you love to be transferred to your little outdoor sanctuary. We love this plant pot, which has been painted and stencilled with script to create a piece far more interesting than your standard terracotta pot.

4. Recycle and Reuse 

Old pieces can be given a new lease of life with a lick of Autentico and a little creative know-how, this is something we do ourselves (you can see our versions in our shabby chic furniture section).  The use of objects can be completely changed, like this old cake stand, which has been transformed into a design accent to be proud of.

5. Restore to a Former Glory

It not all about transformation!  Original vintage items which have suffered a little over the years can be lovingly restored with Autentico Wax and paints.  This is something we also do a lot of, you can view our work in our Shabby Chic Furniture section.  Well made pieces from years gone by can often have beautiful and unusual designs which can lend a magnificent theme to your décor, and help to add an olde worlde feel to even the most modern home.


What creative uses have you come up with for your Autentico paints?  We'd love to hear about your ideas! Catch up with us on Facebook,TwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest.


Post By Sadie Woolcock