Autumn is a season that comes with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, so as the leaves begin to fall, Eclectic At Home will guide you through some of the best shades of Autentico paint you should be using to give your home a fresh new look over the chillier months!

Burnt Sienna

Kick off your redecoration projects with something that will reflect the autumn vistas outside your window. Reddish brown in colour, Burnt Sienna is the best choice for mirroring the mounds of fallen leaves accumulating in your garden - great for injecting life into stairways, banisters and drawing attention to cabinets in your kitchen or living room.


Black Hills

Give any modern style home a vintage twist with this dark and mysterious shade of green. Great for creating a stunning atmosphere in any room, Black Hills has a timeless quality that will not only serve you well during the autumn months but throughout all the other seasons as well.


Code Blue

A tone of blue with a warm charcoal hue, taking the cold chill out of winter. Code Blue is a complex mix of blues and greens making it perfect for any season - but particularly autumn and winter - giving the walls of your home instant depth.


Turn your bedroom into a bold statement with this vivid shade of orange and give your headboards a complete makeover. Apply in contrast to a white colour scheme and use Narang as a basis for some flowery stencil designs on surrounding walls.

Dark Chocolate

Deep and luxuriously sweet, Dark Chocolate will upgrade any living room or dining room. Use a sophisticated colour palette of dark brown and cream, adding a few bright orange cushions for a seamless way to transition in and out of different seasons. With chocolate as your central colour, you'll give any home a seductive and cosy quality your guests will love.


Dried Moss

Upcycle your old furniture with an earthy, autumnal twist thanks to Dried Moss. Suitable for a wide range of different surfaces, this is a subtle, delicate shade for achieving that shabby chic look wherever you choose.


Transform even the most modern looking room into a cosy, warm and inviting space that you'll love settling into over the colder months. Clay is a rich, earthy tone that has a real affinity with nature. Transform cabinets, dressers, shelving units and add a splash of white to your overall colour scheme to finish off the look.

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Post By Ed Mason