The summer may be drawing to a close, but there is no reason to not fill your home with some bright and decorative shabby chic furniture to create a vintage style. Revamping your home with colour, style and ornaments is a great way to refresh your decor and represent a little part of you. Here at Eclectic, what we love about vintage is bringing the old back to the new. That’s why we have created some fabulous ideas to help you achieve that look.

Is there anything better than a vintage style mirror to add interest and character to the interior of your home? You will find a range of fabulously decorated mirrors in our unique shabby chic collection.


Coloured Tables & Chairs

There’s a lot to love in this image; the brightly coloured chairs, cabinets and shelving, and it also happens to be Monica’s kitchen from Friends. We love the blend of vintage theme in a modern apartment.


Bird CagesSometimes it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference to your decoration at home. In our range of shabby chic accessories, you will find everything from baskets, to wine bottle holders, to bird cages to complete your vintage decoration.


Bedside Cabinet
A display of colour in the bedroom is always a welcome addition and this bedside cabinet will make a great feature. Practical and stylish, it is sure to fit well into any style of bedroom.


One coat of yellow paint and suddenly the appearance of this sideboard is completely transformed into a quirky yet contemporary piece of furniture.


Whether it’s an eye-catching piece you’re looking for or a subtle item of furniture, you are sure to find the lamp that best suits your interior decoration in our range.


StaircaseAs demonstrated here, it doesn’t always have to be furniture that you paint. This fabulous staircase is better than fixing a carpet and can even be painted over in a different colour if you get bored. Browse through our range of Autentico vintage paints to find the right one for you.


We hope this list of ideas has you given you some inspiring thoughts for decorating at home. If you want your home to remain bright and attractive, the vintage look is the style you want.

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