While there are many options for finishing furniture, applying a coat of wax will work wonders for your finishing coat. Those who enjoy decorating their own projects at home will know that waxes can create varying effects according to how you use them. Perfect for wooden surfaces, furniture wax is both easy to use and durable. So if you’re looking to create the perfect finish on your furniture, here’s a useful guide on how to do it!


Seal The Wood First
Don’t forget that furniture wax is intended as a protective layer rather than a finish coat itself. The existing finish should consist of polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, or shellac for example.

Clean The Furniture
Make sure you remove any dust from the surface of your furniture before you apply the wax. This is particularly important as anything left may affect the appearance of the finish.

Apply Wax To A Cloth
Again make sure the cloth you are using is clean and and is best applied to a microfiber cloth. Use a small amount of wax because applying too much at once may create a distorted appearance. Apply the wax with circular movements onto the surface and start from one end.

Allow To Dry
The furniture wax should take about 20 minutes to dry or a bit longer in a cold environment. To test, simply touch the surface in a discreet area and make sure it doesn’t feel sticky.

Buff The Furniture
Use a clean cloth to buff the furniture after the wax has dried to create a stunning protective shine. The softer the cloth you use, the more effective the appearance. An old t-shirt may work well for this and you will know when you are finished as the surface will no longer create a shine with buffing.

Autentico furniture wax is renowned for its quality and softness. It is easy to apply and is available in a range of colours and effects. It can also be used with all Autentico paints and on all wooden surfaces.

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