Autentico paint can do more than just add “a fancy coat”. If you just want to splash a new colour on a piece of furniture, there’s plenty of generic brands to choose from, but if you want to restore, reinvigorate and revitalise antique or bespoke items, then these chalk and lime paints will have you covered. In this entry of the Eclectic at Home blog, we’ll cover 5 furniture transformations made possible with Autentico, with some additional tips to help you get exactly the same results.

#1. Fixing up a “dirty” wooden cabinet

Online thrift sites like Gumtree or Craigslist are filled to the brim with junk; but some of it could be quite valuable in the right DIY’ers hands. That’s what CampClen author Gina discovered when she secured an item of furniture described as “dirty 20’s buffet”. After fixing the broken knobs and doors, she added a glossy coat to restore it to glory. If attempting this yourself, we’d recommend following your favourite Autentico colour with a coat of the appropriate Furniture Wax to achieve a shining finish.

#2. Upcycle a vintage refrigerator

We mostly think of ‘upcycling’ through the narrow prism of furniture and ornaments. Appliances are equally deserving of an uplift, as demonstrated by Laura Locke at Homespot, who gave a classic 1950’s fridge a place in her home using a carefully chosen bit of chalk paint. To achieve similar results, give Autentico’s Snow White Velvet paint a shot.

#3. Giving an outdated chandelier a make-over

Nothing adds class like a chandelier, but their metallic shine can often visually overpower the colour of a room. Luckily, the Dear Lillie blog has a fantastic post on how to use a combination of chalk paint and wax to turn a bit of unsightly brass into a dining room centrepiece. A shade of Autentico’s Vintage chalk paints would work well for your own project, particularly with a sleek blue or green.

#4. Redecorating a bench for outdoor use

One of the touted qualities of Autentico paint is it works just as well for garden items as it would for indoor furniture. You can see this in action with this post on HomeTalk, where a chair-bench is repaired top to toe (or rather, leg) and given a finish of lilac paint. Autentico’s Versante Matt Chalk paint is specifically tailored to outdoor furniture, and does away with the need for wax or sealants.

#5. Facelifting your front door

This last furniture transformation comes from the White and Gold design blog, who made the gate to their home - their front-door - really stand out with a coat of exterior paint in a refreshingly cool colour. A jar of Autentico chalk paint can be used to give everything from the wood to the door handle itself a facelift, and they also provide the perfect tool for the job with the Autentico flat paint brush.

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Post By Nicole Sage