The benefits of converting defunct, unused items of furniture into something new go way beyond the environmental gains. Philosophically, it creates a greater attachment to one’s possessions, and will help any person (whether it’s their first project or hundredth) to appreciate the value of the handmade. Being one of the most popular projects in this area, we've listed some of the most popular ways to upcycle an old chest of drawers, ensuring you get a final product that can be cherished for decades to come.

Spruce it Up with Chalk Paint

Autentico’s range of vintage chalk paints has been specifically developed for furniture painting, with the repurposing and upcycling of distressed furniture firmly in mind. Requiring no mixing, stripping down or sanding, chalk is really the best route to take if you want to revitalize an old drawer with a high quality shade – covering imperfections whilst giving it a new lease of life in your room. For drawers in particular, we recommend colouring the whole dresser base in a single shade, and then adding a separate colour to the drawers themselves.

Adding Stencil Designs

Stencils can add an instant dose of intricacy to an item of furniture, and are surprisingly easy to pull off (literally…). Autentico’s own range of stencils are designed to be used alongside their paints, and with their own Terrapieno 3D Embossing Paste, you can pull of mesmerizing stand-out effects that will make your chest of drawers one-of-a-kind in a truly splendid way.

Replace Overly Worn Drawers

A key thing to know when trying to upcycle and old chest of drawers is when a part of the furniture needs to go. If, for example, the base of the dresser is still intact, but the drawers themselves have become worn and overly chipped after years of use, then why not take the opportunity to switch them out? Finding a fitting set of new drawers will be tough, but you can also improvise by replacing them with baskets, shelves or even old suitcases for a genuine vintage feel.

Re-purpose the Entire Chest

Part of the purpose behind upcycling an old chest of drawers should not just be to give the item a new coat of paint, but a new lease of life.  In this sense, it doesn't take much to turn a simple bedroom dresser into a cabinet ideal for a kitchen, or the lavish centrepiece of a dining room. This can be done with more simple methods, such as ditching the drawers or adding a new top, to more complex endeavours like combining it with another cabinet or construction a whole new add-on.

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Post By Nicole Sage