Clutter is the bane of every homeowner, and yet it's such an easy problem to deal with. Clearing out the inside of your house doesn’t mean you have to get rid of a truck load of possessions; not when there’s an endless variety of ways to reuse and repurpose everything. The following upcycling ideas for the home will invigorate and inspire your vintage sensibilities, and help you to create a wonderful new living environment.

What can I turn into a pot plant?

The better question is: what can’t you turn into a pot plant?! Every gardener needs a little storage container for their greenery, and by putting your plants inside old cans, ornaments, suitcases, toys, kitchen utensils, crockery and wooden crates, you can instantly create a garden with its own unique character and striking visual flair.

Upcycled furniture for your bedroom

A shabby chic home should start in your bedroom, and there’s an abundance of ways to upcycle bedroom furniture that you never would’ve imagined. We’re talking shutters for headboards, old stools with a new chalk paint coat, tables and coat racks made from stair posts, side tables made from scrap wood and dresser drawers repurposed into a bedroom bin. Whether it’s yours or your children’s sleeping area, upcycled furniture is always eye-catching and will inspire every visitor’s creative side.

Finding extra storage space

The underlying cause behind clutter is simply a lack of space to store everything. Well you can take down two birds with one stone by upcycling various household objects into clever containers and storage solutions. If, for example, you have an old, useless wooden ladder in the garage, you could break it up and attach it to the wall as a charming bit of shelving. The same can be said for old gutters; when positioned at right angles in the corner of your children’s room, they can be used to fashion an adorable reading nook.

Light up your junk

The internet is literally littered with images of lamps and ceiling torches made from recycled materials, and it's every bit as easy to do as it looks. But there’s a lot more than glass bottles and mason jars that can be turned into lighting solutions. Look in the right places, and you’ll find tutorials on how to upcycle brass candlestick holders, birdcages, dress mannequins, waste paper baskets, wash tubs and even the whisks from your kitchen.

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Post By Nicole Sage