It's the detail that counts when it comes down to addressing your furniture fixtures and organising your home interior, and it can be a matter of adding a fresh lick of paint or replacing an old door knob for that much needed update to breathe a bit of life into your home. Updating old furniture can be a daunting task when you don't know where to start, but sometimes it really is the simplest things that can make the most difference. Adding a beautifully designed vintage furniture knob is one of our favourite ways to update an old piece of furniture, it's simple, easy and you can really show your personality and character within the door knob you choose. So whether you're looking for a more contemporary or stylish knob, here's some of our favourites on Eclectic At Home that will really help you to bring some colour and life into your home in no time!

Mango Tree Furniture Knobs

Our selection of Mango Tree ceramic furniture knobs all exude fantastic quality, with a variety of patterns, designs and colours to inject a pop of colour onto your cupboards, drawers, cabinets and rooms.

If you're looking to kit out a chest of drawers or a variety of pieces of furniture in your home, this set of 6 vintage floral and clock ceramic knobs are the perfect choice. An eclectic mix with gorgeous floral, mosaic and clock designs, it's stylish way to add the wow factor to a lacklustre piece of furniture.

Calling all cupcake lovers! This pastel cupcake ceramic knob is the perfect sweet touch to add to any piece of furniture. The furniture knob is made from high quality ceramic for a long lasting and stunning finish.


Make your mark on your furniture and claim what's yours with this bulb shaped My Favourite Things ceramic knob. A delightful way to add a pop of colour and character to a piece of furniture, it's amazing what impact simply changing the knobs over can make.


Add some contemporary charm to your home with this elegant Victorian cupboard blue knob, a beautiful bright burst of cobalt colour that has been hand finished and features a chrome base and fittings.

Simple yet chic, this delicate ceramic knob with grey and white stripes is the perfect dressing finishing touch to an elegant, yet classic piece of furniture - where less definitely is more! With a wonderful, spherical shape, it features a chrome cap and fittings for a stylish finish.


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Post By Nicole Sage