Garden upcycling is a great way to express your creativity and personality throughout your outdoor spaces - and what better time to start now that the summer months are upon us! If you're new to the world of upcycling, it is effectively the re-purposing of unwanted items - giving a new lease of life to your old, worn out pieces of furniture, clothing and other bits and pieces around your home that you no longer have a use for. So no matter what you've got lying around, Eclectic At Home have put together a few great upcycling ideas for you to follow or simply get inspired by!

#1. Wellington Boot Planters 

If your children have recently grown out of their wellington boots - then you've got a project that's too good to miss! Turn them into quirky plant pots to decorate your garden with over the summer, fill them with soil and some lovely wild flowers and your patio will be bursting with colour in no time!

#2. Door Themed Plant Pergola

It's very easy to go out and buy a standard wooden pergola arch - but not only will it cost you a fair bit, you're also going to be faced with that bland, generic, slatted timber construction that features so heavily in modern garden furniture. If you want to add a touch of style and quaint detail to your garden you won't go far wrong with building your own gorgeous pergola. If you happen to have two old fashioned doors, connect them together with four chunky wooden slats to create a beautiful archway. You can then begin painting the doors and decorate your pergola with hanging baskets and lovely climbing or trailing plants that will make an attractive canopy over the summer!

#3. Drawer Planters

Make use of dresser drawers, chest of drawers and any other type of drawer in your home! If you have unused furniture you can convert your old drawers into a tier of plant beds. Simply stagger the design so the drawers go up like a staircase, add some legs - short ones for the front and a couple of longer ones for the back and you're ready to get planting.

#4. Colander Hanging Baskets

An everyday metal kitchen utensil can actually be turned into a delightful rustic feature in your home. If you've got an unused colander lying around your kitchen, then it's the perfect time to turn it into a gorgeous hanging basket. Simply attach chain to the two handles and decorate your garden - they will fit seamless just about anywhere!

#5. Upcycled Log Bench

If you're looking to get rid of a bunch of your old wooden kitchen or dining room chairs, then think again! This is an upcycling project if you fancy a bit of a challenge - saw off the back of around 5 or 6 wooden chairs and attach to them to the back of a large wooden tree trunk and you'll have your very own garden bench. Ideal for those long summer evenings in the garden, crowded around the firepit or settling down for a family BBQ.

Post By Ed Mason