When it comes to giving the halls of your home a much needed revamp, there's no better choice than Autentico's Velvet Chalk Wall Paints. Delivering that smooth textured look that you've always dreamed of, the paint's hard wearing finish and suitability for home environments gives every coat its own unique character.

That said, there's no point having such exceptional paint if you're not sure how to get the best results with it, and even if you have some experience with a brush or roller, there's always mistakes that can catch you out. for this entry of the Eclectic at Home blog, we present these top 10 essential tips for interior wall painting!

#1 - Prime and Texture

Arguably one of the most important parts of a paint job, good prep is what differentiates the professional results with more shabby works. One of the key pre-painting tasks is priming; this helps seal the wall and can help prevent mold (if it's new plaster) and it can also help when your colour choice is dramatically different from the previous. Autentico's range of Primers are particularly effect, designed to be used prior to painting or after 1st coat, and are ideal also as a undercoat or knotting solution.

#2 - Clean Walls

Even before you get out the primer, you should ensure your walls are thoroughly cleaned of dust, dirt and grease; all of which can ruin any chances of a smooth finish. It doesn't take much either; just run them over with a duster, and follow with a sponge and a bit of dish soap or other all-round cleaning product. Just ensure everything dries before you begin.

#3 - Taping Things Out the Way

To achieve those clear, sharp lines with your painting, it's recommended you cover areas you don't want coloured in with specially designed painter's tape. This includes door and window frames, moulding and baseboards. Just remember to remove the tape as soon as you've finished painting, as you may end up peeling off some of your new paint.

#4 - Keep Room Clear

Whenever you see a room being painted on TV, there's always loads of furniture covered up with dust sheets. In reality, it makes far more sense to remove as much of the furniture and clutter as possible, so as to make the whole process as easy and accident-free as possible.

#5 - Number of Coats

If using Autentico Velvet Wall Paint, it's recommended that you apply two coats with either a brush, a paint spray or a medium-roller. Stir well before use, and allow a minimum of 1-hour drying time in between the two coats.

#6 - Overloading the Brush

Whilst it's important to prevent your brush (or roller) from becoming too dry, it's also key that you don't avoid loading the brush with too much paint, as any excess colour has to go somewhere, which won't help if you're trying to achieve an even finish.

#7 - Where to use a Brush

Whilst a roller should be used to cut into the room and get huge swathes of wall nicely coloured, your brush should be the tool of choice for painting the area above the trim or other hard to reach parts of the room. It's mostly recommended that you use a 2 inch flat paint brush, at an angle.

#8 - Ditch the Ladder

If your room requires a bit of extra reach, then don't use this as an excuse to dust-off your long neglected ladder. For painting walls, it's much more suitable to go out and buy (or borrow) an telescopic extension pole for your roller. Just ensure that it has a non-slip grip, and doesn't have a flimsy, plastic core.

#9 - Overnight Job?

If you've started late in the day, or don't feel you'll get all the walls covered before it's time to turn in, it's not entirely necessary to clean everything before tomorrow's work. Just brush off the excess paint, wrap in cling film (using two rolls to create a tight seal) and leave in the fridge. This method not only keeps your brushes in workable order, but they can be stored away like this for at least a few days.

#10 - Finishes

By combining Autentico's Velvet Wall Paints with the appropriate choice from their Vintage Chalk Paint or Venice Lime Paint range, it's possible to achieve a tight and smooth finish for your walls, together with a unrivaled depth of colour.
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