Who doesn’t enjoy viewing other people’s interior design ideas? It’s part of human nature to be nosy when it comes to admiring other houses and different styles and comparing it to your own. That’s why, with our passion for design, we have compiled a list that not only looks at fantastic ideas for houses, but also for different buildings such as the workplace.

12. Feline Friendly...

That’s right, there’s even something for cats on our list! Designers often ignore the needs of our fellow animal family members yet the German company Goldtatze specialise in creating elaborate walkways, bridges and spaces made from natural materials.

11. Master Bedroom

This spectacular design depicts everything you could want from a bedroom: space, tidiness and interest. Placed in the centre of the room, the bed is neatly positioned. In addition to the other fantastic elements of this bedroom, the most striking feature is the delightful ceiling decoration.

10. Circular Living Room

A truly unique and relaxing living space, this room caters more for comfort than anything else! The centre space consists of a TV on both sides allowing for a source of entertainment anywhere in the room.

9. Entertaining Staircase

Not only is this staircase spiral, but it is also complete with a slide for the way down! Perhaps not an ideal addition to a home for the more mature generation, but definitely a fun way to leave the house!

8. Futuristic Bathroom

A bathroom that is oozing with modernity, the interior design is certainly breathtaking here. With a dazzling display of colour and beautiful spotlights, this room is certainly one to be proud of.

7. Contemporary Kitchen

A kitchen that offers plenty of seating space and a large worktop area is hard to find. In this case, you can have both in addition to an oven, hob and sink within handy reach.

6. Italian Style Dining Room

 This classy dining room is a true example of sophistication. With plenty of space and a circular table, the dining room allows for civilised conversation at every meal time!.

5. Inviting Seating Space

 This fantastic seating area is perfect for socialising with friends and family! Circular designs always seem to work particularly well in social situations as it allows the inclusion of everyone in the room.

4. Fabulous Bedroom

We can’t quite get over the fabulous design of this bedroom furniture. Displaying style, neatness and relaxation, this is the perfect bedroom to sleep and get ready in!

3. It’s All About The Bath...

This is a perfect example of quality rather than quantity. For those who love baths, this is an ideal washing area! With a clever arrangement of spotlights and a unique tap design, this bathroom is simple but very effective.

2. Living Life On The Edge…

This a bedroom that both intrigues us but concerns us at the same time. From afar, this is a beautiful design idea, but from a practical point of view, we’re thinking about health and safety with the surrounding pool area!

1. Awesome Work Office

Ideal for car lovers, or even just those who are fans of extremely cool desks! This office design can be incorporated into a work building, not just at home!

We hope you have enjoyed viewing our list of fantastic interior design ideas! Our breathtaking compilation should be enough to inspire your creative plans for your interior decoration at home or in the work place! Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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