Throughout history designers have tried to challenge conventions and break boundaries to create innovative furniture designs that we love. Here at Eclectic At Home we are celebrating different furniture designs, some modern and some a little bit more vintage. We've even thrown in a rare design that we sell, but who could blame us, it is gorgeous.

The Scoop Bed

This great 1960s inspired bed signals the dawn of retro living. It's circular design brakes all preconceived notions that beds have to be rectangular, reminding us of the unique turning point for furniture design.

Rockid, Rocking Chair and Cot

We love this one. A great idea of merging a rocking chair with a cot so that you can keep and eye on and rock your baby to sleep. A new hands free system, and saves the need for two different types of furniture.

The Orchid Chair

Bringing nature in, this chair is a triumph. The design strips the chair back to it's bare material. Giving a new depth and meaning to making furniture out of wood.

Large Edwardian Side Board with Overmantle Ornate Mirror

Edwardian side board with mirror

A grand piece of furniture, these designs were built with the purpose of basically showing off. Bringing showmanship into any home, this great side board is not only practical, but becomes a key feature of a room.

Tilting Bookcase

Giving human characteristics to furniture is something that we have been doing every since the birth of Disney. This great book case almost looks sad because he has dropped his books. A great conversation starter.

Skate Board Stools

And finally a design idea where we feel right at home, up-cycling. We love the idea of creating something fun out of something old and these stools not only look great, but they have a certain childish whimsy that you can't help but fall in love with.

And there you have it. 6 innovative furniture designs that have shaped the way we look at everyday items. Why not visit our website for more information on the types of furniture designs that we stock or pop in and see us at our store.

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