If you’ve been browsing our site for some time, you will have seen our wide selection of Autentico paints. With over 140 colours to choose from, there is no doubt you will be able to find the exact shade you’re looking for to suit your interior decoration at home. However, once you’ve decided on the paint, you need to know what to do next when you’re about to dive into your paint project. Here at Eclectic At Home, we have compiled a list of techniques to ensure you do the job well!


1. Choose Two Colours
Two colours are required if you’re interested in completing an item with a distressed finish. This means one as the main colour and one as the colour underneath, ideally they should be compliment each other.

image of CHALK GREY Vintage Furniture Paint

2. Prepare Your Furniture
When using chalk paints, it is not necessary to rub down or prime surfaces before painting. However, you may want to remove any flaky paint and check for woodworms. although you might want to get rid of any old flaky paint.

3. Paint Scuffing Areas

You may want to choose edges or corners for your base coat as this is where scuffing would naturally occur.

4. Wait For Drying
This should take about 20 minutes but if you need it complete quicker, use a hairdryer.

5. Second Coat

Paint your second coat but try using different brush strokes to create different textures and effects.

6. Apply Wax
Use a soft cloth to apply a coat of clear wax for sealing and protection.

7. Distressing
Use sandpaper to rub gently on the areas you want to distress but making sure it is only done lightly.

8. Wax Again
Apply another layer of wax and leave to dry for longer in order to ensure an excellent seal.

9. Buffing

Create an impressive finish with a cloth or buff to provide a stunning finish.

10. Ageing
This is optional but for those who wish to create a really vintage look, add a layer of dark wax to some areas then buff as before.

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