Do you love the idea of revamping your old furniture with a lick of paint? When you start out with the brush in hand, it can sometimes seem like a challenge. Especially if you are not usually the DIY type. It's impossible to begin, with all the sanding and preparation you have to do. Looking up manuals on how to do this, and how to do that. If you are the creative type and have a DIY project in mind, or if you have never done any DIY before, here are 5 reasons why you should use Autentico paint for your next DIY project.

#1. Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint is easy to apply to any boring or dated furniture. What’s brilliant is that there is no preparation needed to use this paint, simply apply straight away. It is a great paint to use for the more inexperienced DIYers, as they can easily have a crack at it, even if they have never done it before.

#2. Autentico have a team of colour specialists that have hand picked multiple pallets. With over 140 different choices of colours for you to choose from. Giving you the perfect colour choice, so that you don’t have to be lumbered with the task of mixing colours yourself.

#3. The paint is made from completely natural ingredients, it is water-based and free from solvents and any harmful additives. Known for being organic and environmentally friendly, they can even be used as anti-allergy and anti-bacterial paint if necessary.

#4. Instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money for brand new shabby chic furniture, save your pennies with Autentico Chalk paints. Simply applying this paint to any lacklustre furniture can make it look shabby chic in no time. Using an old piece of furniture adds so much more character and depth to the finished piece too.

#5. Autentico paint is not a standard paint that you can buy on the highstreet. Made from high quality ingredients, this paint is made to last, and will stick to virtually any surface. Its an incredibly decorative paint that offers value and quality for money.

These qualities are what makes Autentico chalk paint perfect for revamping old furniture or walls. Brilliant for newbies to start out with, it produces a high quality finish to any base it’s applied to. Ranging from neutral shades to the deeper and brighter colours. Autentico can be used for all types of DIY projects that you may have lined up in 2017. Like our Facebook page, or follow us at@Eclecticathome for our latest news.

Post By Nicole Sage