Eclectic at Home are official Autentico Chalk Paint dealers, and we just love selling such a great product.  It is something that we use ourselves, to restoring preloved furniture and create our own unique interior design ideas.  With 'shabby chic' and restoration being so popular at the moment, we are happy to be selling more and more Autentico products.

Autentico Chalk Paints come in a wide range of colours and various types to help you get the exact finish that you require.  They are the kindest way to treat your furniture as they are free from volatile organic compounds, superdryers and other such nasty additives.

There are five main ranges; Vintage, Vintage Outdoor, Velvet, Venice, Esterno.

Vintage are the most popular range, which are ideal for achieving a matte effect for aging and distressing your furniture.  They have also just added a Vintage Outdoor range, which is great for garden furniture.

Velvet produces a chalky matte effect which is designed to be as similar as possible to Vintage, but is suitable for walls, meaning you can get the same effects on your interior walls as you can on your furniture, with no need to prime.

Venice lime paints are suitable for both walls and furniture, but do require a mineral subsurface for best results (unpainted plaster, brick and concrete all work fine!) These paints allow you to get a rustic, textured finish, like the brightly coloured Mediterrean finishes you might see walking through the streets of Nerja or, indeed, Venice.

Esterno is an exterior paint, which has a moisture repellent membrane built in, to protect the outside of your building for many years.  With an array of colours that are sure to tempt, why not apply a little brightness to your street?

We hope this little breakdown has helped you to understand how the Autentico range can best work for you to achieve your design aspirations for your home.  Why not grab a tester pot and start experimenting now?


Post By Sadie Woolcock