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Since the start of the year, all avid enthusiasts of refurbishing furniture have been waiting with bated breath for Autentico’s new Spring 2016 Chalk Based Paints. As expected, these are shades that will do more than just breathe a new lease of life into your walls or furniture; they’re purposely pigmented to match the emerging loss of the cold, and to suit the sensibilities of the year’s fresh and fabulous midpoint.

Made for the Autentico Vintage, Versante Matt and Superior Eggshell paint range, these three new colours are ideal even on their own, but together they can create some stunning upsets in an otherwise drab decorating scheme. Below are the three colours, with our own personal recommendations on how to use them to the fullest:


A very light shade of green that never the less retains a bold veneer, Pistache is as the name would suggest a representation of the interior ‘meat’ of a pistachio nut. Even if it’s not your favourite flavour of ice cream or pudding, we guarantee there’s a lot for anyone to enjoy in this ripe pale yellow-green, which in the past has proved a popular choice for neighbouring with violet, or to enhance with a bit of blue to best match your climate.


Wild Salmon

The name says it all really; whereas in restaurants a chef will go to great lengths to ensure their customers gets fish that is fresh to just the right shade, now you can have it instantly in a paint bucket! A personally recommended Autentico paint colour for built in cupboards, this shade of salmon is mixed with profoundly less orange than some of the other varieties, leading to coverage that is appropriately understated for Springtime use.



Yellow Rose

As floral paint colours go, we don’t think we’ve ever seen one that made quite as strong an impact as this. Commonly referred to as one of the more sociable shades, Yellow Rose typically honours daffodils and warm September sunsets, though this Spring-set variant offers a slightly paler, less intense hue. A pastel shade that results in a smooth, textured finish on a number of different surfaces, it’s ideal for surfaces that often suffer a lot of scuffles (like table tops or cupboard doors).


Remember, that, like all their colour choices, Autentico's New Spring 2016 Chalk Based Paints are VOC free and lacking in harmful additives. They are water based, and can be used either on their own or in conjunction with the Vintage Chalk or Venice Lime paints to achieve a variety of aged, or antique looks on your bespoke furniture.

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Post By Nicole Sage