If you’re on the lookout for ideas to upgrade your existing furniture without having to buy new, Autentico Terrapieno embossing paste provides one of the best ways to achieve your desired look. Perfect for creating stunning 3D effects with minimal effort, embossing paste can be used on furniture, floors, walls and is versatile enough for much more around your home. Provided in a natural white state, you can mix it with your favourite Autentico paint or use the paste as it is for a stylish and decorative interior. So to ensure you create the best possible final product at home, we’ve compiled this guide for using the Terrapieno 3D embossing paste.

What Is Terrapieno 3D Embossing Paste?

The Terrapieno 3D embossing paste offers an easy and inexpensive method to decorate your old furniture with a distressed look. Perfect for use with extra thick stencils, the paste can create stylish 3D and raised effects on cabinets, drawers, frames or anything you can apply a paint stencil to. Produced with a natural white finish, the paste can be easily mixed with other Autentico paints to achieve the colour you’re looking for. Although embossed furniture has been around for years, when you purchase your tin of paste, you can put your very own stamp on your home items.

# Step 1

To prepare your Terrapieno embossing paste, you can mix another paint to create the colour you need by adding a spoonful at a time until the paste becomes smooth. Alternatively, you can leave the paste as it is without adding any other paint colour.

# Step 2

If you’re using the paste to create a specialised pattern on your furniture, make sure you use an extra thick stencil for your work so it doesn’t seep through. Carefully attach the stencil to your item of furniture, but avoid using masking tape as this may leave sticky residue. You only need to secure the stencil on a few of the edges, without taping around the whole piece as this may smear your painting.

# Step 3

Apply the Terrapieno embossing paste with a spatula or similar item and work on one section at time. It is easy to spread, but be aware that it will dry very quickly. For a distressed, rustic look, you can apply an uneven layer of paste or you can create a neater, sleek look with an even layer.

# Step 4

Carefully remove the stencil where you have secured it when the paste is still wet. This is important because you don’t want to smudge your fine artwork or you don’t want the stencil to be stuck to the furniture when the paste is drying.

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Post By Nicole Sage