Creating mood boards is a great way of collating your favourite colour inspiration in either a physical, or digital way for interior home projects. This creative process is a great way of inspiring you, finding out what you like, and what would complement the chosen room or piece of furniture - it's the main foundations that will help you to execute a well thought out project. With the advancement in technology, the likes of Pinterest is quickly gaining momentum, it allows you  to quickly collate and save images that inspire you at the click of a button. With this in mind, Autentico have started to share one mood board of colour inspiration each week which is a great way to show you how their colours can be used, and which ones complement each other. With such a wide choice of Autentico paints and finishes available, here are a few of our favourite mood boards that will hopefully help to inspire you with your next DIY project!

A great selection of all round every day colours, white cliff will provide the main foundations for practically anything. Sticking to almost any surface, this paint is super for decorating kitchen units, floors, table tops, chairs and cabinets. These colours all set each over off from one another, and whilst white cliff would look great painted onto 3 walls, you could create a stand out feature wall with one of the other paints depending on the look, and theme that you are working towards achieving.


A perfect combination of colours for creating a relaxing environment, this mixture of pastel colours are soft, and would look great on the walls of any room in your house. Cafe Au Lait is a wonderful vintage colour that would be a great choice for a piece of furniture as the paint is eye catching, and unusual. A piece of furniture painted in this would look great set up by walls painted in any of the other colours.


These lovely rich earthy colours all go hand in hand with each other. These relaxing tones are ideal for creating a solid finish for your walls and ceilings, but they can also be used on flooring, depending the type of paint that you opt for. Dark and neutral browns aren't often a colour that you immediately think of to paint your walls with, but if done well it can create an incredibly bold and striking finish that would truly become the focal point of your room.


Red is the colour commonly associated with a number of different feelings ranging from anger to love. But there's no doubt that this is a warm and positive colour that will transform any wall or piece of furniture into a striking feature. This bold selection of colours are all set off by the peachy pinks and ruby reds, and these rich colours are incredibly well suited to the dark browns and plums. Whilst the reds are immediately striking, the browns and plums offer decadent, rich colours that are full of flavour. These colours are all suitable for walls, floors and furniture, these paints can also be purchased from their outdoor chalk paint range which allows you to use your favourite colours for outdoor projects too.


With Autentico's full 140+ colour palette range, your options for colour inspiration are endless! You'll almost always find a group of colours that all complement each other with their vast selection of colours. Whether you're going to create a physical moodboard or start pinning on pinterest, Autenticos mood boards will definitely help to inspire you along the way. All of these beautiful colours are available to buy from our website, you can find our full range of Autentico paints here.

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Post By Nicole Sage