Want to make your house fabulously unique?  Look no further than our authentic website. Interior design is one of those things that everyone has, but not everyone does it well. It should make your home complete, whilst also reflecting a part of you. A little bit of extra thought and attention to the interior decoration of your home will make a significant difference.

Now you’re probably thinking that you’re busy, or you don’t have enough time to re-decorate your house. Don’t despair. Even the smallest addition of a Shabby Chic item will make an impact to your décor. That’s why we have compiled this list to help you with your creative ideas.

10. Choose An Autentico Chalk Paint.
They are the kindest way to treat your furniture and to obtain that exact finish you require. Check out our five main ranges are Vintage, Vintage Outdoor, Velvet, Venice and Esterno.

9. Think About Your Bathroom.It may not be the most exciting room in the house, but you can make even the dullest of items more interesting with the addition of one of our Vintage Toilet Roll Holders or Towel Rails.

8. Let The Creativity Move To Your Garden.It doesn’t always have to be about interior design. Why not make your garden something to be proud of? We have a huge supply of outdoor furniture including garden accessories, birdhouses and lanterns.

7. Tastefully Select Ornaments And Props.You may think they are seemingly minor additions to the décor of your home. However, you’d be surprised at the difference they make to a room, especially if it is a Shabby Chic item.

6. Tables And Chairs Are Essential.
They are necessary items for every home but why not make them a little bit different? Perhaps a pine dining table, a refurbished chair or a traditional oak side unit might take your fancy from our range.

5. Improve Your Choice Of Chest And Drawers For Any Room.
As valuable storage items, they have a position of their own in most rooms. Make yours a vintage one from our Shabby Chic collection.

4. Brighten Up Your Office.For those who work from home or have a study area, a Shabby Chic item will change the outlook of your working space. Consider a traditional oak desk, a homestead grand dining chair or an Antiquite De Paris Clock from our selection.

3. Get The Kids Involved.Interior design decision making doesn’t always have to be an adult activity. Ask your children for their opinion on their bedrooms. Check out our vintage Soft Toys collection.

2. Home Is Where The Kitchen Is.
Probably the most important room in the house, your kitchen is an essential part of your home. Add a touch of character with one of our vases, enamelware or wine racks for example.

1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall!If you can fit any Shabby Chic piece into your interior design, it should be a mirror. Mirrors are versatile, decorative and illusive. They have a multiple purpose within a home as they can deflect light, create the illusion of space and add interest to your décor.

We hope this list has helped your thoughts regarding your interior design! The key to decorating a home is trial and error. We can’t always get it right first time but with the gradual introduction of Shabby Chic items, you can make your home a touch above the rest.

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