If you’re one of those people who do not have a flair for organisation and tidiness, then this will be a helpful read for you. When it comes to excessive piles of books, soft toys, clothes and other household goods lying around, the need for storage is even greater, but the motivation to do it becomes even weaker. However, having a tidy home does not mean that it needs to be dull and unfashionable. Here at Eclectic At Home, we have listed some vintage storage items and even suggested a couple of our own to turn your home into a neat but decorative interior!

6. Vintage Pillar Box
Your home will be infused with retro colour with this vintage pillar box lying around. You can store lots of useful items with easy access but without being on show.

image of Large Vintage Retro Pillar Box Red "Overpond" Steamer Trunk

5. Glass Drying Rack
We simply love this glass drying rack resembling an upside down chair. It is a fun and vintage way of holding your favourite daily glasses.


4. Distressed Wall Shelf
Whether you store books or soft toys, this is a great vintage piece to brighten up any wall in the house.

image of Distressed Wall Shelf With Rail

3. Wooden Wine Bottle Holder
For those who are sensible enough to purchase bottles of wine each week, this vintage wine bottle holder will stand out in any kitchen, utility room or cellar.

image of Wooden Wine Bottle Holder

2. Bedside Cabinet
Available in a selection of colours, our range of bedside cabinets are an excellent way of storing accessible items and adding vintage glamour to your bedroom.

image of Large Black Cabinet

1. Edwardian Sideboard
Possibly one of our grandest pieces of furniture, this is a truly unique form of storage. Complete with a mirror, it will easily become the most attractive item in the room.

image of Rare Large Edwardian Sideboard with Overmantle Ornate Mirror

After viewing this fabulous list of storage ideas, there is no excuse for an untidy home. Browse through our range of storage, cabinets and chests for more ideas!

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