When it comes to decorating and refurbishing, the cost of new furniture can often be extravagant for the items you need. With new trends coming in as often as the seasons change, it is hard to keep up with the different fashions. In addition, the life expectancy and quality of new furniture seems to decrease because of this. However, this is where shabby chic furniture stands out as a reliable and worthy purchase for the interior of your home. In this list, we’ve got 8 reasons why you need a shabby chic theme in your home!

8. Increasingly Popular
For the following reasons in this list and many more, shabby chic furniture is becoming more popular than you might have realised. So if you’re thinking shabby chic is becoming outdated, this is not the case.

7. Timeless
Shabby chic furniture is one of the most timeless styles out there. In fact, it’s sometimes the older items that look the most impressive at home.

image of Vintage Settle / School Bench repainted in Autentico Antique White

6. Unique & Exclusive

There’s nothing worse than visiting a neighbour’s house and noticing they have the same furniture as you. With a shabby chic theme, this will certainly not be the case as everything is completely unique and cannot be replaced.


5. Vintage & Versatile
For those of you who already have a vintage themed home, shabby chic furniture will fit in effortlessly. For those who have a contemporary home, shabby chic furniture will still make an elegant addition to the interior. Either way, it is versatile enough to match any style of home.

4. On Trend With The Rich & Famous
As the more dominant advertisements of endless DFS sales portray the latest furniture styles, many people overlook the idea of a shabby chic theme in their home. Yet more and more famous people are turning to shabby chic to decorate their homes so that their designs stand out from the crowd. Below is a picture of Jessica Simpson's shabby chic theme from her house in Beverley Hills.


3. Reliable
Refurbished furniture can be just as good as new, if not even better after care. Shabby chic furniture can be relied upon for its timeless style and sturdy materials typical of years ago when fashion changes weren’t so frequent as the modern day.


2. Cheaper Than New
Paying out for new furniture all of the time can be a costly process. Making one shabby chic purchase will be a more cost effective addition to your home.

1. Theme For The Whole House

Perhaps the most tempting reason to have shabby chic furniture in your house is because you have the option of following the same fabulous theme throughout your entire house. Therefore when you are next on your household decoration shopping, you can think of each room as featuring a similar style.


So what are you waiting for? With these fantastic 8 reasons and many more to purchase shabby chic furniture, there is no reason why the interior of your home can’t look effortlessly chic and stylish for many years to come.

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