Sometimes we want more from our furniture than just being a decorative piece in our home. Not only providing an attractive focus in the interior of your home, our range of Shabby Chic furniture can also be used as practical items for storage. Offering vintage decoration and a stylish storage option, our range of furniture is sure to take your fancy. Here a few of our favourite items we’d like to share with you.

New 3 Drawer Mini Heart Chest
A useful Shabby Chic storage item for any room in the house, you can store items such as books, CDs, small items of clothing or other personal keepsakes.


Pine Corner Cupboard
With a distressed finish, this is a unique item of furniture that is sure to make an ideal storage piece for your wine bottles, books or other keepsakes.


Wall Shelf
When it comes to storage, items do not always have to be kept on the floor. You can store your favourite vintage teddy bears and books on a shelf that’s perfect for any wall in the house.


Available in a selection of colours, our cabinets are perfect as an addition to a bedroom, hallway or even for displaying a vintage telephone box.

image of Large Black Cabinet

9 Drawer Chest
This is a high quality and rare item of furniture that is sure to be the focus of attention in any room in the house. Made from solid wood, this will add an elegant hint of Shabby Chic theme to your interior design.


Three Drawer Chest
Refurbished with Autentico paints, this drawer chest makes a stunning piece for storage and decoration.


All of our Shabby Chic items have been refurbished with high quality materials to transform the old into new. Browse through our range to find an item that provides both the storage space and decoration you need for your home.

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