Guide to Autentico Paints

Eclectic at Home are an official dealer of Autentico Paints and Finishes; one of the best ranges of chalk paints, chalky wall paints and lime paints available. Allowing you to achieve a shabby chic, distressed finish that many aspire to, the Autentico range is easy to apply – from a single wash to multiple applications.
All Autentico paints are water based, free of solvents, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and other nasty artificial additives, like superdryers. They are also environmentally friendly, organic and suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior projects.

We now offer 6 ranges of Chalk & Lime Paints in over 160 colours:
•    Vintage - Chalk paint for furniture & decorative items
•    Velvet - Chalk Paint for walls & furniture
•    Venice - Lime paint for walls & furniture create an aged effect
•    Externo - Exterior highbuild masonary paint
•    Matt - Intdoor or Outdoor matt paint for wood, PVC, stone, glass, mteal, door frames, etc. Ideal for Worktops, Kitchen doors, Tiled splashbacks, Shower cubicles, Wood floors etc
•    Superior Eggshell - 15% sheen for Indoor or Outdoor use. Ideal for damp areas, as well as skirtings, Kitchen doors, Door frames, Floors, tiles + more, our most scratch resistant paint yet.

What is the difference between Vintage, Velvet and Venice?

Venice is the original lime paint and gives a textured result on a wall. Velvet results in a smooth, velvety look. Vintage is a chalk paint that sticks to almost any surface and great for painting furniture.

The Eclectic Guide to Autentico Chalk & Lime Paints

Autentico’s terrific range of chalk and lime paints means you have an option applicable to any surface or decorative project. In order to help you choose the paints that will best serve your particular needs best, here’s the Eclectic guide to Autentico Chalk & Lime paints:
•    Painting indoor furniture and decorative pieces like lampshde bases, Candlesticks etc?  Use Autentico Vintage Chalk Paints and finish with a wax.
•    Painting indoor furniture without wax? Use Autentico Versante Outdoor Matt or Superior Eggshellchalk paint.
•    Painting indoor walls? Use Autentico Velvet Wall Paints – now with 160 colours available.
•    Painting indoor walls in damp areas (kitchens/bathrooms)? use Autentico Velvet Wall Paints and protect with sealer OR use Autentico Versante Outdoor Matt or Superior Eggshell chalk paint. (no sealing needed).
•    Painting outdoor furniture, PVC or metal? Use Autentico Versante Outdoor Matt or Superior Eggshell Paint (no sealing needed).
•    Painting small areas of brickwork/Walls (not buildings)? Use Autentico Versante Outdoor Matt or Superior Eggshell chalk paint (no sealing needed).
•    Painting outdoor woodwork (doors, windows and frames)?Autentico Versante Outdoor Matt or Superior Eggshell chalk paint (no sealing needed).
•    Painting external buildings to a high quality? Then use Autentico Esterno; ideal for buildings that are prone to severe weather conditions (including hot or cold temperatures), are very damaged or have cracked render.

With over 160 colours to choose from, you're guaranteed to find a colour, or range of colours, to suit your individual taste and transform your furniture, home or garden into an eclectic, shabby chic shrine.